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The Rustic


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About Us

The Rustic aims to be a warm, friendly, and fresh everyday local restaurant that people will be excited to come to on a regular basis. A restaurant where we celebrate everyday life through good food and wine sourced from small producers. An environment where you can celebrate grandma’s birthday, or party hard with your best friends into the night.

We are looking forward to greeting you with open arms, love and gratitude.

Thank you.

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Wine Barrels


The Rustic wine list is meticulously curated with care and expertise by Zoti. We collaborate directly with esteemed wine producers to ensure the highest quality and a shared commitment to values. Each selected wine producer practices methods that support environmental sustainability and community wellness. Our mission is to promote sustainable systems while offering our guests wines they adore. 

Our wine list features a diverse selection, catering to all tastes and occasions. From delightful table wines to rare, specially allocated vintages for those unforgettable moments, we take immense pride in the collection we have assembled. 


We are excited to present our carefully crafted wine list to the San Francisco community and look forward to enhancing your dining experience with our exceptional wines.

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